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As a user, buyer, visitor or purchaser, if you don’t accept or agree the terms and conditions of ‘https://dataflask.com/’, you may stop using the website and leave it and don’t buy any offer or purchase from our website. The ‘Database’ buyer or purchaser at ‘https://dataflask.com/’ is known as USER. By visiting ‘’ or buying the product here, you agree to the following terms and condition. We generally call a user, buyer, visitor or purchaser a user.

End User Agreement

By accessing and/or using the service/database from our company, you, hereby, agree and warrant that you will not use the service/database for any unlawful purpose which is prohibited by the terms and conditions here or is treated illegal by Indian Law. Our services use internet to send, compose and receive messages. So, the conduct of each user is subject to Internet rules, regulations, procedures and policies. By using this service, you admit that you will not engage in unethical and unlawful practices by using this service.


If there is any conflict of dispute regarding the Service/Database offered by ‘’, by using the service/database, the dispute shall be governed by the laws without its conflict of legal provisions. You abide by the personal jurisdiction by a mediator or arbitrator and courts.

✅ Databases as a product/service were verified from our side through our own validation and random verification techniques and methods. Be sure to judge the quality before buying anything.

✅ Databases are valid during validation done by even third parties or us and there is no guarantee for accuracy.

✅ Databases may not be live or valid or inactive soon.

✅ At ‘https://dataflask.com/’ there is no guarantee of validity or activeness of the databases for some period of time.

After buying database from us, users have to use it just for their product promotion, not for spamming or any illicit conduct.

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Terms & Conditions