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DataFlask is a leading technology company in India with a focus on Data Engineering, Automation and Cloud Computing. Extend your in-house IT expertise with Dataflask and achieve a 360 degree Digital Transformation.

Today, upgrading to modern technologies is not enough. Organisations need to have the right Digital Transformation mindset as well. At DataFlask, we aim not just for technology upgradation but a thorough change in culture – in the way people see and use technology.

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Application Modernisation

Any company that has been in the business for more than 5 years has some or the other kind of legacy application. The problem with legacy technologies is that companies can’t….


When we talk about Digital Transformation, we invariably talk about DevOps. But for DevOps to be successful, a company needs to invest in automation. On top of that, it is possible to automate 70% of all….

Cloud Migration

Scalability and flexibility are at the heart of Digital Transformation. This can only be achieved with cloud computing. With the everything-as-a-service model, we can easily scale resources up or….

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Transition, Transform and Make an Impact!

The world is changing fast. Customers, today, demand seamless multi channel experience. Bidding goodbye to legacy technologies and embracing AI and automation is now a matter of when – not if. At DataFlask, our Digital Transformation services empower you to transform your IT infrastructure incrementally with minimal disruption to your day to day business processes.

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Harness the Technologies of Tomorrow. Be More Agile, More Digital, More Transformed!.

Some Questions and Their Answers

Data engineering is the process of transforming data into a useful format for analysis. It turns a company’s big data pipeline into robust systems ready for business analytics.
The difference between analytics and analysis is scalability. Data analytics is a generalized term and is the umbrella over data analysis. Data analysis is the examination of data. Data analysis includes data collection, organization, storage, and strategies and tools used for analysis.
You might say SaaS kicked off the push toward cloud computing by demonstrating that IT services could be made available over the Web. While SaaS vendors originally did not use the word Cloud to describe their offerings, analysts now consider SaaS to be one of several subsets of the cloud computing market.
IT automation is the process of creating software and systems to replace repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention. It accelerates the delivery of IT infrastructure and applications by automating manual processes that previously required a human touch.
One of the biggest benefits of managed IT services is the cost savings that businesses experience by making business IT support costs more predictable and manageable. A managed service approach will also provide businesses with comprehensive security, customized backup and recovery solutions, and state-of-the-art cloud storage and hosting.
Software outsourcing is a remote service that is provided by software development companies. The service can consist of services ranging from full software or mobile application development, design development, testing, to project launch and project support. all about hiring a developer or a development team that is external to your company staff to help create some digital product for your business

While a very basic version of a mobile app can take up to three months to develop, a complex mobile app development can take over nine months.

There is no time limit as such to create a fully-functioning mobile app for your business. The time it takes to complete your mobile app development project will be entirely dependent on the external factors you need to consider such as:

  • How complex do you want your app to be?
  • What are the core features that you want for your app?
  • Are you planning to outsource your app development to a reputed tech partner like dataflask
If you have chosen a professional website development company, then it would take around 1 to 4 months starting from scratch till the end for basic information websites with less functionality. Website builders can help you in building your website quicker but, it’s quite hard to rely on it as you have to handle everything right from scratch. Advice or opinion from an expert may help in producing better results.

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