Ensure Success With Our Postgresql Database Management Services

DataFlask offers both MySQL and PostgreSQL database management services. While MySQL is known for its popularity and ease of use, PostgreSQL offers more advanced functionalities, and yet it has an almost similar standard querying syntax with some differences here and there. A lot of database experts in many companies like to use Postgres because of its advanced functionalities. These functionalities give companies an edge over those that still use MySQL. We at DataFlask acknowledge the importance of Postgres, and hence we offer comprehensive PostgreSQL database management services.

Problems Faced By Companies While Using Postgresql​

High Barrier to Entry

Lack of Flexibility

Lack of Experts

Backups Problems

Use Postgresql: The Go-to Database For Truly Innovative Organisations

DataFlask is a proponent of open-source software applications. This is why our tech stack includes PostgreSQL. With our Postgres Database management solution, experience superior database management with more functionalities than what you get with traditional databases. Come, use our PostgreSQL DB solution and extend your competitive advantage.

Another beauty of Postgres comes from its PostGIS extension. Although MySQL offers spatial database support as well, the spatial database support provided by Postgres is just excellent.

PostgreSQL comes with some awesome features of an Object Relationship Database Management System. Along with that, just like MYSQL, it is fully ACID compliant.

We all know that manipulating data with traditional database engines offers more flexibility and speed. However, many web applications generate JSON data, and it’s not practical to convert them into traditional SQL data.

When it comes to large data, Postgres gracefully handles it. With its Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing, Postgres can handle OLAP and OLTP simultaneously.