A Leading Kubernetes-based Container Service Ensuring High Efficiency For Enterprises

DataFlask’s Container Service for Kubernetes is an end-to-end solution for the storage and data management of your Kubernetes projects. It integrates storage, disaster recovery, multi-cloud migrations, data security and much more. It allows us to deploy your applications in scalable and high-performing containers that leverage full lifecycle management for containerized applications. We cover several container-based initiatives such as CaaS, DBaaS, SaaS and Disaster Recovery.

Persistent and Scalable Kubernetes Storage

Being an open-source framework for orchestration, Kubernetes has revolutionised the way of development and team operations in organisations. It enables cloud engineers to automate the management and deployment processes of containerized applications in a much more reliable manner. For easier discovery and management of applications, Kubernetes facilitates the grouping of different containers into logical units. The reason behind Kubernetes’ popularity as a container orchestration tool is its ability to support various container runtimes and major cloud platforms. DataFlask has built its Kubernetes containers competent enough to provide your applications with robust cloud-native storage that helps them run smoothly in the cloud and hybrid/multi-cloud environments. It ensures:

  1. No application downtime due to Container-optimized volumes and elastic scaling
  2. High Availability across AZs/nodes to enable you to failover in seconds
  3. Shared volumes of multi-writer across multiple containers and so much more.

Benefits of Dataflask Kubernetes Solution For Enterprises

A company’s Data Analytics endeavour can only be successful if it is able to collate all the data that it generates. This means that the organisation has to extract data from disparate sources. This is just one part of the problem. Enterprise data comes in different formats, and most of the time, they are semi-structured or unstructured. To make sense of the enterprise data, it must be cleaned and made usable. This is where our Data Engineering Services come in.

DataFlask provides your enterprise with the capacity to move/deploy your applications and software and also add new features to the production and testing environments.

Our continuous integration and delivery help enterprises in automating their steps and thereby reduce the time period of software delivery.

We use Kubernetes as an effective open-source software to help enterprises scale their applications for efficient deployment and management.

Portability is a phenomenal advantage Kubernetes brings. By enabling you to create containers in any region, we help our clients in responding to traffic seamlessly while they are positioned at any geographical location.

DataFlask helps you to easily migrate containers from Kubernetes (self-managed) to the cloud or from one hosting provider to another without introducing changes to your application.

Monitoring the container’s health is crucial for your application. We use Kubernetes to monitor and make certain that the application remains error-free.

Kubernetes Container