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DataFlask is a leading technology company in India with a focus on Data Engineering, Automation and Cloud Computing. Extend your in-house IT expertise with Dataflask and achieve a 360 degree Digital Transformation.Today, upgrading to modern technologies is not enough. Organisations need to have the right Digital Transformation mindset as well. At DataFlask, we aim not just for technology upgradation but a thorough change in culture – in the way people see and use technology.For us, data is not the new oil. It is a gold mine and the indispensable road to success for modern companies. At DataFlask, we empower businesses with Data Analytics by making their Data Engineering backbone strong. Agility comes with automating manual processes. Our engineers will help you automate 70% of all your manual processes including the creation of an efficient, automated CI/CD platform to make your DevOps dream come true. On top of everything, our Digital Transformation services ensure seamless scaling up or down of IT resources with cloud computing with the aim of cutting down your on-prem infrastructure cost Come, experience true Digital Transformation services minus the buzzwords.

Our Digital Transformation Services

DataFlask is a one stop show for all your technology consulting needs. We offer a wide range of IT services making sure that you can compete even with the bigger players in the market. Our Digital Transformation Services include:
If you consider Data as the oil, then Data Engineering is your mining equipment. Without Data Engineering, you can’t get reliable and properly formatted data. Our Data Engineering services include every phase of Extract, Transform and Load. We have engineers who can offer you platform agnostic Data Engineering Services. Be it AWS, Azure or GCP, we have the expertise to handle ETL, Data Warehouse and Data Lake on all these platforms.
DataFlask and its Data Analytics services offer tremendous insights into an organization’s business. Gone are the days of spreadsheets. They can’t handle big data. You’ll be having a hard time finding actionable insights from your huge business data. Our Data Analytics engineers have a strong knowledge of statistics which gives them an added power to serve you better. Visualise data, analyse it, and see all the hidden insights with our Data Analytics services.
DataFlask offers vendor agnostic Cloud Computing consulting services. Our engineers can safely and securely lift and shift your on-prem workload to any cloud platform of your choice. Experience an unprecedented level of scalability, flexibility and reduction in IT cost with our Digital Transformation services in India.
Agile work process and Automation go hand in hand. Automate 70% of your rules based processes and free up your employees’ time to increase productivity. Our engineers specialise in Robotic Process Automation. From customer service to onboarding, from payroll tasks to supply chain management- DataFlask automates anything that is rules based and repetitive.
Extend your in-house IT expertise with our managed IT services. Our trained engineers will be there to monitor and manage your network, safely backup your enterprise data adhering to all the compliance rules and assist your employees in answering all their queries. Above all, we carefully manage your Cloud Workload and ensure end to end security and cost control.
We design and develop dependable software, add functionalities to your existing codebase and fix bugs. With our expertise in DevOps and Cloud Computing, we build scalable and flexible applications with the aim of solving all your business problems. Our Digital Transformation services include application modernization empowering you to take the leap into the modern, exciting world of microservices.

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