Harness The Power of Analytics With Our Heavy.AI , ArcGIS and QGIS Services


HEAVY.AI is popular for its advanced analytics that empowers enterprises and the government in visualizing high-valued opportunities and risks hidden in their time data and big location. HEAVY.AI helps harness the great parallelism of modern CPU and GPU hardware and supports the decisions having a higher impact in previous timelines.

DataFlask uses its analytics technology to unify huge data volumes in today’s world from multiple sources and turn them into a real-time and interactive visual experience. We leverage our services on the cloud as well as on-premises.

ArcGIS Service

ArcGIS is popular for its unique capabilities, such as flexible licensing for integrating your business practices with location-based analytics. It not only helps gain greater insights but also helps in visualizing and analyzing the data using contextual tools.
DataFlask runs Web services on ArcGIS Server sites and publishes the sites from ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap. Our services in ArcGIS Server include receiving queries from clients and returning their responses based on configurations and data. The ArcGIS used by us provides a wide range of apps and developer tools that are better than various third-party applications and help enterprises use the ArcGIS Server services.

QGIS Services

QGIS is a powerful Web-GIS platform that enables publishing data, maps, and services on the Internet. DataFlask helps you make all this done very easily, even if you don’t have servers and cloud infrastructure expertise.


Our ArcGIS Services

A company’s Data Analytics endeavour can only be successful if it is able to collate all the data that it generates. This means that the organisation has to extract data from disparate sources. This is just one part of the problem. Enterprise data comes in different formats, and most of the time, they are semi-structured or unstructured. To make sense of the enterprise data, it must be cleaned and made usable. This is where our Data Engineering Services come in.

ArcGIS Server Manager

It includes a comprehensive Service Editor, where administrators and publishers can view and modify the configuration settings of the services….


ArcGIS Server enables accessing its services and administrative controls a RESTful API. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and….

Cached Services

A static GIS outpost is divided into tiles produced by the caching process. Cached content minimizes the machine effort and time needed….

Why Heavy AI For Your Enterprise?

HEAVY.AI allows faster time to build decision-quality information.

HEAVY.AI delivers superior SQL capabilities and performance enhancements.

The browser-based visualisation client of HEAVY.AI provides a comprehensive representation of existing deployments through its administrative panel.

HEAVY.AI is a greatly optimised system that greatly increases its performance and scalability.

HEAVY.AI comes with an interactive integration of ML models into the analytics workflow. This is done via both SQL and Heavy Immerse.

Heavy AI