What is ELK?

ELK or ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana are the three open-source stacks for advanced data processing and visualization. ElasticSearch is a search and analytic engine. Logstash is a server-side data processing pipeline that stores data simultaneously from various sources. It sends them to a stash, such as ElasticSearch. Kibana lets the users view analytics with charts and graphs. Hence, any application, software, or website can aggregate and analyze its logs and creative visualization. It can perform infrastructure monitoring, troubleshooting, security check, and more. DataFlask offers the latest version of ELK- ELK 8.0.0, which was released in February 2022.


ElasticSearch is a NoSQL Distributed database built on the Apache Lucene search engine. It is a search and analytic Engine with the potential to handle big volumes of data. It allows detailed analysis using queries and also stores the data. We can use it for quick searches and to conduct complex data analytics with many advanced features. In ELK stack, it is the storage and search engine.

Logstash and Kirbana

Logstash has 160 connectors and tools for generating logs from different data sources over the network. It is a data ingestion pipeline tool to collect, filter, and transform the data for sending it to the search engine. It allows different formats of data and has three components.Kirbana is the visualization tool to describe the analytics. Kibana is used to visualize and explore data to review logs and events. There are many features in Kibana.

Collect the data and transform it into a machine-supported


A set of conditions for performing any operations

The decision-maker of the processed


Front-end Dashboard to visualize indexed information

real-time search

It can perform a real-time search of indexed information quite easily

Execute queries on data and deliver output in the form of graphs and charts

real-time dashboard

Easily configurable real-time dashboard

historical data

Capable of providing historical data

slice and dice logs

Capable of slice and dice logs

Benefits of ELK